car wax treatment on a shiny black car

Some people religiously wax their car as part of their car maintenance programme, while others don’t even give waxing a second thought. If you’ve ever watched the movie The Karate Kid you’ll be familiar with the phrase “Wax on, wax off”.  We agree with Mr Miyagi in the movie, that waxing is a great upper body workout. But there are so many more benefits to car wax that many people do not realise.  We thought it would be helpful to outline why waxing is one of the must-have treatments your car should have and the best approach to waxing.

Why does your car need car wax?

Waxing the car regularly is absolutely essential to provide that much-needed protection for paintwork and ultimately extends the life of the paintwork.  

Waxing is the easiest way to get that perfect shine back into your paintwork.

It makes it much easier to clean.  Yes, it’s true! Fall out from tree sap, bird droppings or even bugs is far more easily cleaned when you have that all-important layer of wax protection

Your paint gets protection and is made to look better.  You’ll avoid some paint chips and it will help fill in shallow scratches to give your paintwork a much smoother, glossier surface.

What’s the best car wax for your vehicle?

There are a lot of different car wax options, so how do you choose the best option for you?  Here at Cheshire Car Care, we make an initial evaluation of your car’s condition. This gives us a great idea of what we are ultimately going to use in the waxing process. The major wax manufacturers in Switzerland and America offer a wide range with differing amounts of carnauba as part of their composition.  A high concentration of carnauba makes a huge difference to the protection and the visual appearance of your car.

At Cheshire Car Care we recommend that you do a paint protection car wax at least every 6 months. Sometimes you need a little professional assistance.  It’ll get your car’s body to the level of appearance you’d like to see. We offer car waxing packages using the best brands available such as Swissvax and GTECHNIQ. Call us today on 07920024240 to see what car wax options would be best for your vehicle.

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