Summer body car prep, beautiful couple driving in their convertible

‘If you’re anything like me, you’ve been desperate for the summer to arrive.  I love being able to put on my shades and take my car out on the road with the top down, making the most of long summer days and good times with friends.  However, the summer sun can be a bit harsh and unflattering.  It can really highlight the imperfections in your car’s paintwork. So if your car’s body looks a little tired after overly vigorous washing and scrubbing to remove mud, bird droppings and grit from salt-treated roads during the winter, all of those tell-tale swirls and marks are going to be ever more evident in the bright sunshine of a glorious summer’s day.  You don’t want paint damage to take the shine off a gorgeous sunny day. Here at Cheshire Car Care, our premium product treatments are tailored to give your car its best summer body that will last through the harsh UK winter. We’ll exfoliate and correct that paint damage. Not only will your paintwork look aesthetically appealing, you’ll know that the bodywork has that all-important protection from corrosion too. We have extensive knowledge and experience in using a variety of coatings systems, including Swissvax and GTECHNIQ.  We can advise on the best system for your vehicle, based upon frequency of use and budget, to take your paintwork from dull to dazzling.

Summer body prep – don’t skimp on the top

It’s not just a question of how to get the best summer bodywork.  There are other parts of the car that can let its appearance down too.  Is the soft top of your convertible in good condition? If your convertible’s hood is looking faded, stained and marked, it detracts significantly from your car’s overall appearance. A degraded soft top can start to leak in poor weather. This can cause problems with damp in your car’s interior too, which can affect the leather and carpets. There’s no better time to get your convertible ready for those summer days out.  At Cheshire Car Care we are experts in soft top restorations and replacements. We very carefully cleanse the hood and restore the colour to its original rich shade.  We’ll then re-proof the fibres, so it will continue to look great. Our restoration package is significantly cheaper than replacing the entire hood. It is available for a wide range of colours including black, blue, burgundy, brown and dark green. After redying the hood we will reprotect it with GTECHNIQ fabric-specific glass coating. Water will bead off it “like a duck’s back”!

Summer body prep – get some window treatments too

Your paintwork’s defects are not the only imperfections to be highlighted by the sun’s rays. They can prematurely age your interior causing sun-staining (UV degradation), which can lead to cracking and break-up of the leather patina.  Help is at hand with our specialist window tinting service that will block out those UV rays and make your car far cooler on those hot days. Following up with our premium GTECHNIQ glass coating treatment is highly recommended to increase water transfer and aid visibility in torrential rain.

If you live in Cheshire, Manchester, the Peak District, the Lake District or North Wales and you realise that you need to do some summer body prep, read on…  Cheshire Car Care is offering a special summer Swissvax treatment package. This special package is available for a limited time and limited treatment slots. It comprises paintwork rectification, Swissvax premium carnauba wax coating for the bodywork and wheels, Swissvax leather treatment and an optional Swissvax convertible fabric hood treatment and Suntek window tinting discount. Call us today on 07920024240 and get your car’s summer body sparkling and ready for the summer sun!