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Celtic Tuning Performance Vehicle ECU & DSG Remaps at Cheshire Care Care Knutsford

We are the Authorised Celtic Tuning Dealer in the North West. Celtic Tuning are the leading specialists in the development of engine management tuning software of all manufacturers, not just a select few. All of our software development is carried out in house using our state of the art facilities, utilising our custom built dyno-cells and the highest performance Dynocom 4 wheel drive Dynamometers which very few companies can rival, even internationally, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide maximum power gains whilst maintaining optimum reliability.

The major benefit of developing our own software is that we are able to provide custom software for the clientele looking for even bigger power gains, we even provide VAG DSG and BMW Automatic ECU gearbox tuning!

We have remaps available for almost all modern & performance cars plus 4×4’s, Vans and HGV’s. A range of options are available with our remaps such as DPF & EGR removal, rev limiter removal, and VMAX speed limiter removal.

Please note deposits are payable upon booking your tuning session. We accept all major credit and debit cards. American Express transactions are subject to a 2% fee.

What makes our software maps different?

Modern management systems provide a finite level of control; this is a great advantage for tuning but can also be detrimental if not fully understood. At Celtic Tuning we develop all of our software in house with mechanical empathy and drivability as our major focus. Any ‘tuner’ can add fuel/boost to provide a power gain, but modern management systems have a myriad of limiters and control measures which have to be fully understood to ensure there is no detrimental impact on engine components.

More power is not more strain on components

An engine producing 20bhp less at peak may have no control over the ramp rate of the torque curve at low RPMs, which can shorten the life-span of the clutch/flywheel and can also cause spikes in boost, leading to premature wear/failure.

Stage 2 Tuning

Stage 2 tuning often (but not always) combines either a stage 1 or 2 ECU remap with either or both physical removal of the EGR and DPF and electronically through modification of the ECU Software parameters. It can also require in some instances (including over-run burble/pop-bang remaps) a decat pipe to replace the standard catalytic converter(s) or 200 cell sports cats. We will provide recommendations on enquiry based upon your specific requirements. Stage 2 performance enhancements are most usually only applicable to Turbo-charged or Super-Charged engines.

Induction and Exhaust Modifications for even more power!

If you wish to modify your standard air filter or opt for a performance induction kit then we can supply and fit these before we remap your vehicle. Branded Suppliers of intake filters and systems include Eventuri, ECS , K&N, Piper Cross and ITG.  The current leading exhaust brand suppliers include Akroprovic, Milltek, Scorpion, Remus and Armytrix.

If you are looking at a new exhaust system we can work with our exhaust suppliers and design and supply a custom one-off cat-back, turbo-back or full exhaust system including headers in either 304L Stainless steel, 321 Stainless steel, Inconel 625 Alloy, or for 50% ++ weight saving gains opt for titanium or Asnex titanium. Applications include fast road, or race systems. A custom system can be more cost effective than a recognised ‘branded’ system however the craftsmanship and materials used can be superior also.

Just tell us which exhaust system or custom system and or air filter you wish to purchase and we will order it for you. Please note a custom exhaust can take upto a week or more if custom headers fabrication is required to manufacture and fit depending upon design.

Due to the cost of exhaust systems and certain induction systems a 50% deposit will be required upon ordering.

Pop-Bang (Over-run Burble) Remaps

Celtic Tuning supply Over-run remaps covering most vehicles with a BOSCH ECU. Over-run maps for vehicles with other makes of ECU ie Delphi, Continental are available. Please contact us or email us your registration number so we can confirm whether an over-run burble map is available for your car.  Please note that in all instances the catalytic converter has to be removed as over-run maps work by fuel ignition within the de-cat downpipe (hot) forward sections of the exhaust system.  A catalytic converters life-span would dramatically decrease and would most likely melt if left in place. We can supply and fit decat pipes before remapping the vehicle.

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Celtic Tuning Remap Services

  • Stage 1, 2 & 3 Remaps
  • DSG ECU Gearbox tuning
  • VMAX Removal
  • Rev Limiter Removal
  • DPF Removal
  • EGR Removal
  • O2 Removal
Cheshire Car Care Celtic Tuning
Cheshire Car Care Celtic Tuning
Cheshire Car Care Celtic Tuning

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and it is at the forefront of all our operations. With reliability, drivability and satisfaction being our target we are sure you will be delighted with the service we offer.

  • Fully insured
  • 30 Day money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime Guarantee of the Celtic Tuning software.


ECU Remaps

  • Stage 1 OBD Remaps FROM £300.00 +VAT
  • Stage 2 OBD Remaps FROM £365.00 +VAT
  • Stage 1 Bench Remaps FROM £395.00 +VAT
  • Stage 2 Bench Remaps FROM £445.00 +VAT
  • Stage 3 Bench Remaps FROM £545.00 +VAT

Please Note: All bookings require a 30% Deposit to secure your tuning session.

EGR Delete

  • From £145.00 +VAT

DPF Delete

  • From £225.00 +VAT

DSG TCU / ECU Gearbox remap

  • Stage 1 £300 +VAT
  • Stage 2 £350 +VAT
  • Stage 3 £400 +VAT

Snap-on Diagnostics and code clearance

  • Snap-on diagnostics check & Code clearance £65 +VAT

Our Warranty – Your Peace-of-mind !

What guarantees does Celtic Tuning provide?

Celtic Tuning offer a complete peace of mind product. We are that confident in our software and your satisfaction that we can offer you the following guarantee package after we have installed our software:

  • A supplementary insurance-backed mechanical breakdown warranty
  • A 14 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied*
  • A lifetime guarantee for your Celtic Tuning software.

* Fitting fee of £85.00+VAT applies if your ECU requires bench tuning. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Celtic Tuning Warranty

At the software installation date, a current original Warranty provided by the manufacturer of the motor vehicle is required for this guarantee to be operative, and it is a Condition that such Warranty remains in force until its normal expiry date (the end date of your current/manufacturer warranty). This Warranty applies only in the event and to the extent that the Manufacturer’s Warranty does not respond.

The Celtic Tuning Warranty applies (subject to the Terms & Conditions, available on request) to damage directly caused to the relevant Motor Vehicle arising directly from Mechanical Breakdown by reason of failure of the Celtic Tuning product installed during the period of this Warranty.

Mechanical Breakdown:

Being the sudden and unforeseen failure of a component of the Motor Vehicle directly attributable to the operating of the Celtic Tuning product, the subject of this Warranty, which has caused the Motor Vehicle to stop working and therefore requiring repair or replacement before normal operation can be resumed.

Period: The Lesser of:

  1. 12 months from the date of installation of the Celtic Tuning product to the Motor Vehicle by a Celtic Tuning Approved Installer; or
  2. 30,000 miles as measured on the Motor Vehicle odometer from the date of installation of the Celtic Tuning product; or
  3. the time period remaining on the original warranty provided by the Manufacturer of the Motor Vehicle at the time of purchase from new; whichever is the shortest, but subject to a maximum of 60,000 miles or 36 months.

Conditions and Limits:

You should be aware that failure by you, the Customer, to observe the Manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures/service intervals – stamped by a manufacturer authorised/approved dealership will invalidate any claim made. The vehicle should be serviced within the mileage or time frame stated in the vehicle service book. No sum in respect of economic or consequential loss is payable. Use excludes competitions, track days, pacemaking or rallying, and claims are subject to a limit of £10,000.00 in the aggregate in respect of any one vehicle. Normal deterioration or claims as a result of wear and tear are not covered. Celtic Tuning cannot be held responsible for modifications to the vehicle which lead to defects.

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