Below is a list of our additional services that compliment our main detailing treatments.

All prices quoted below are retail and should be used as a guide only. Multi-car discounts are available. Trade pricing is available on application. We can provide estimates and invoices on request. We are fully insured and we have experience of performing work for insurance companies.

Detail Services

  • New Car Detail
  • Swissvax Detail
  • GTECHNIQ Detail
  • Swissvax Signature Detail
  • The Ultimate Detail

Exterior Services

  • Machine Polishing
  • Machine Wetsanding
  • Window Tinting
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Convertible Hood Recolour

Other Services

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbs
  • Leather Repairs
  • Tree Sap Removal
  • Service Washes
  • Cement Removal
HEXIS Bodyfence Paint Protection Film

Cheshire Car Care is a HEXIS BODYFENCE Approved Installer

There is growing demand  as vehicles become ever more expensive and trim and paintwork finishes, in some cases become more delicate and prone to damage from natural weathering, bird-lime and stone chips.

Luckily there is one option to protect against regular washing, UV rays, fallout, bird lime and stone damage and minor abrasion scuffs and scratches, maintaining the vehicles visual appearance qualities and more importantly, value – Welcome to HEXIS Bodyfence.

We can protect individual panels, parts/trim and headlights, to front-end wraps, to entire vehicles in either gloss or matte finish.

Please email us at to find out more about the HEXIS Paint Protection system.

Time Required: 1.5 Days +
Front bumper, Headlamps, front bonnet (part section) FROM £1150 +VAT
Full Front-End Coverage
FROM £1750 +VAT
Complete Coverage FROM £2950 +VAT
Booking Deposit £POA
Various custom options also available!

Convertible Hood Cleaning

A treatment for removing moss/algae growth from convertible fabrics. The hood is deep cleaned using a variety of anti-bacterial chemicals and high-foams to remove and neutralize natural matter. The hood is thoroughly rinsed off, forced-air dried and re-protected with anti-bacterial GTECHNIQ I1 Smart Fabric which also has fantastic water repellency/hydrophobicity values.

Time Required: Upto 3 hours
Booking Deposit £50.00
Price From: £145.00 +VAT

Window Tinting

We perform our window tinting at our studio and use only premium films from Suntek and Llumar. All carry a life-time guarantee. Where we can we will remove the glass for a perfect finish. Whether its just your rear windows turning to a privacy –level tint or reducing down the front windows we can do it! Please note we will not apply privacy film to the front windows or windscreen due to UK law.

This service can take anything from half a day to a full day.

Booking Deposit: £50.00

3x rear windows From £195.00 +VAT
5x windows From £245.00 +VAT

Enquire today
Call: 07920024240

Convertible Hood Recolour

A treatment for cleansing and restoring UV faded convertible hoods. The hood is deep cleaned using a variety of anti-bacterial chemicals and high-foams to remove and neutralize natural matter. The hood is thoroughly rinsed off, forced-air dried and recoloured using multiple coats of specialized dyes. The re-coloured hood is then protected with anti-bacterial GTECHNIQ I1 Smart Fabric which also has fantastic water repellency/hydrophobicity values.

Time Required: Upto 1 day
Booking Deposit £75.00
Price: £275.00 +VAT

Leather Repairs

We are LTT Harrogate Approved leather repairers with over 8 years of working with all types of leather. From cuts, scuffs, grazes to cracks, stains and UV fading we have the knowledge, techniques and products to bring new life to your leather interior.

If a leather panel or seat is past economical repair we can also re-upholster the seat using new leather and piping if required, replacing the seat foams at cost if necessary.

Depending upon the size of job value we can perform these repairs mobile however we require power and also a sheltered, covered area in which to work. Our mobile leather repair service covers Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Knutsford,Lymm, and Wilmslow. If you are outside of this area please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Leather bolster repairs start from £75.00 +VAT.

From £75.00 +VAT
Enquire today
Call: 07920024240

Engine Bay Detail

Steam cleansing or wet-cleansing using eco-friendly & surface friendly chemicals and techniques all areas of the engine block and bay. Where possible and required, removing parts to access areas behind and beneath. Optional extras include repainting/powder-coating of corroded metal parts and replacement/refitting of corroded hoses. All areas are dressed or coated using Swissvax high performance products to ensure as long lasting appearance and protection as possible.

Time Required: 2-3hrs
Booking Deposit £50.00
Price: £95.00 +VAT

Interior Steam Cleaning

Deep, steam-cleaning and wet-vacuum cleansing of interior seats, door cards, dashboard, centre console, floor carpets, headlinings and boot linings is available to remove soils, odours and in certain cases staining. Pet hair removal is also available from £125.00 +VAT

Time Required: Upto 5 hours
Booking Deposit £50.00
Price: From £95.00 +VAT

Cement Contamination

An issue sometimes found with cars parked/stored in underground carparks or garages with faulty leaks. Water passing through cement activates the alkali particulates, together they form a corrosive solution which if left to dry on paintwork and even glass, will be extremely difficult to remove without further damaging the area and will leave behind an acid-type etch mark in the paintwork similar to bird lime.  Using various tried and tested methods we can remove the unsightly etch marks and re-level the paintwork. We then protect it usually with a carnauba wax but we strongly recommend this be upgraded to a premium ceramic sealant such as GTECHNIQ to protect against future contamination. We can also remove metal oxidation marks or ‘blooms’ from glasswork.

Price: POA

Thinkware Dash-Cams

We are approved dealers and installers for Thinkware dashcams. The market leaders in premium dashcams Thinkware have a solution for all budgets. Front, rear and 360º Solutions are available.

We highly recommend the Thinkware F800 PRO for its amazing and unique array of features which only exist together in this state-of-art package.
• Front and rear cameras • Full HD 1920x1080p recording • Sony HDR EXMOR CMOS Camera • Speed and traffic camera alert • Night vision 2.0 system • Incident recording mode – using its G-sensor the camera will save 10 seconds prior to and after the accident/impact • Lane Departure alert (for drowsiness) • Vehicle GEO tagging (GPS Locator updates every 10 seconds) • Vehicle Collision notification • Vehicle Impact Warning System • Pedestrian Impact Warning System • Built-in GPS
• Home Zone Geo-Fencing will activate a push notification to your phone when your car leaves its user-specified home area – 10 Meters to 100km from the vehicles home address • Hard-wire only

Other Thinkware models are available and we will be more than happy to assist and advise.

Some systems are plug and play if you wish to move it quickly from car to car, however a hard-wired version to conceal the wiring is also available.

Please note fitting can take upto 1-1hr 30 mins.

Thinkware F800 Pro 16Gb (Front) £279.00 Inc. VAT
Thinkware F800 Pro 32Gb (Front + Rear – 2 Channel) £360.00 Inc. VAT
Front camera Fitting £75.00 +VAT
Front + Rear camera Fitting £135.00 +VAT

UK and EU Covered Vehicle Transport

If you do not have the time to get your car to us we have an approved, fully insured, enclosed truck to pick up and deliver your car in perfect condition, wherever you are in the UK or Europe. Please contact us for a quote.